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High Technology in Weight Loss and Performance.

A complete space in Sao Paulo’s most upscale neighborhood, offering the best technologies, therapies, and exams for you to achieve your goals in a healthy way.

The Evolution of Science and Medicine at Your Health’s Service

Our approach employs the most advanced medical technologies to assess each patient’s unique metabolic profile, personalizing our protocols to meet each individual’s needs, thus ensuring more effective treatments and lasting results.

Endocrinology & Nutrology

Integrated endocrinology and nutrology treatment for optimized metabolic and nutritional health.

Emsculpt NEO

Approved by the FDA, this advanced technology combats obesity by simultaneously burning fat and increasing muscle mass.

3D Body Scanner

Discover a new dimension of your health with this cutting-edge technology that provides precise analysis of your body composition for highly personalized planning.

Genetic Mapping

Personalized genetic analysis for understanding predispositions and optimizing your health and well-being.

Injectable Therapies

Achieve faster and lasting results with injectable nutritional therapies.

Food Intolerance Mapping

Identify food intolerances for a more suitable and comfortable dietary plan.

Clatuu 360º

The world’s best non-invasive technology for eliminating fat cells.


Customized nutritional planning aligned with your health and well-being goals for a balanced life.

Intestinal Microbiota

Detailed study of the intestinal microbiota to improve digestive health and nutrient absorption.


Detailed body analysis with bioimpedance to assess body composition and monitor progress.

Laboratory Exams

Accurate diagnostics through advanced laboratory tests, fundamental for an effective treatment.


Detailed cardiac assessments with electrocardiography for prevention and health monitoring.


Our homecare service provides personalized attention for your exam collection, ensuring practicality and privacy in monitoring your health.

Hormonal and Non-Hormonal Implants

Advanced method designed to deliver medications in a controlled and continuous manner.

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